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Kantipur Logistics company is being operated since mid of April in 2016 A.D. Being Managing Director I continuously focus on growing company alongside my employees. We follow on our values of “Teamwork: Help others to grow and Learn”. I always believe that in order to grow company we have to help our employees grow first. Below infographics show what we had achieved in 12 months of 2017–2018 year (2074 B.S.).

I always wanted to try new things with my employees where they can explore themselves and learn during their time in the company. As we are growing our company has it’s six department which tries to cover all the operational setup. We are currently 8 in numbers working on six different departments. I am clear about my company goals throughout the year where I want to increase revenue and improve our service effectively than past. But this year I want to do it differently, where I want to figure out every employees goals and try to align it with company goals in order to pursue mutual growth.

Performance management is the key where I can explore my employees. I asked every employees to set their well defined goals which make them SMART with S.M.A.R.T. acronym where it stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. I want to learn about my employees and asked them to write about their Career Ambition, Professional Goals, Interest and Hobby’s and Personal Strength. When I got an opportunity to learn about my employees I can actually dedicate the task that work towards employees and company goals. For example; In my company one of the sales guy who has average quality to communicate and want to work in improving communicating skills, now I dedicate the task of presentation where he can interact, make eye connection, communicate with others and increase self-esteem that could improve his professional goals and eventually help to achieve sales goals of company.

Thus this small session of knowing your employees would help them to grow along with your company goals. This small act helps to set the culture of growing together and achieve common goals. My Employees always comes BEFORE my Customers.



Shishir Gyawali.

Managing Director.