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Let’s work together to keep logistics moving!-- Recent updates of Logistics management around the world


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close temporarily due to the shortage of input materials from suppliers and the need to protect workers. Demand is declining, too, as consumers stay home and face the prospect of a large-scale economic downturn.


These are some of the data Kantipur Logistics’ gathered from the World Bank to keep you updated .





  • Denmark and Sweden are providing loan guarantees to their flag carrier, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Singapore has announced a plan to waive landing and parking charges to preserve airlines’ working capital, combined with measures to protect the wages of aviation workers. 



  • Various logistics companies have announced measures to protect their employees and adapt operations. These include segregated shift schedules and warehousing locations for safe-distancing, review of business continuity plans, as well as paid sick leave and financial relief for impacted workers. 


The world needs logistics now more than ever. Logistics plays a major role in the manufacturing and transport of essential products, from food to medical equipment, test kits, and masks. Knowing the importance, above are some of the recent changes made in terms of partially opening up logistics and supply chain services around the world. Major logistics players will have to align their efforts to build on this momentum and develop a cohesive response to the pandemic. Ambition, coordination, and innovative thinking will be critical—not just to deal with the current emergency, but also to prepare for economic recovery and sustainability.  Read how Nepal plans to resume Logistics management in our next blog.