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Kantipur Logistics (KL), bringing the mobile app in Nepal for the first time in logistics to track the shipments manually.

Kantipur Logistic Pvt. Ltd., has launched an app on android playstore by the name of 'klnepal' to make a smart and innovative move in logistic business for the first time in Nepal, where supply chain management is still following the traditional ways of approach.

KL has launched this app in order to bring a shift to its clients from the boring and lengthy process of transaction to a smart and innovative way of catering its services. The clients of their business can now gather information about the location of their freight imports and also get services of being equipped with detailed information, all in a single app in a touch of their fingertips. The clients can also get instant live support of their queries regarding the logistic support.


The features that this app has are simple to use. The clients can just signup, login and start availing the services. Some features that it currently gives are that of:

⁃    Quick Access Dashboard: This allows the clients to get all the important action including notification, placements of new orders, the current shipment orders and the portfolio of orders placed.

⁃    Visual Order Tracking: This feature will track you to your shipment order being placed manually and will provide clients with information about their position of imports.

⁃    Detailed information: All details regarding the cargo imports are easily accessible to the clients.

⁃    Live support: The clients can get instant support- Live, regarding the queries of logistic with Kantipur Logistics.

With smartphones in a rise, and the businesses shifting towards the digital medium, KL Nepal has introduced this smart facility for the first time in Nepal to its clients. They can avail this service on their Android smartphone in the present and " Just ship it, get it" with Kantipur Logistics.