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Even Though both Freight forwarding and Courier are services which help us to move our items forward, there are various differences that sets apart these two from each other. 

First and the major difference between Freight forwarding and Courier is;  Freight forwarders generally work with many other transportation companies to actually move items, while courier services generally use their own staff and equipment to make deliveries.//To elaborate more, freight forwarding companies don’t actually deliver the goods by themselves. They have multiple associated logistics companies who engage in door-to-door deliveries and meticulously plan each delivery through their partner concerns. Freight forwarding is considered mandatory for those companies which are engaged in transporting a wide range of products to overseas market. Mostly multinational deliveries are usually handled by freight forwarders, whereas Courier Services companies equally focus on domestic and international deliveries.

Second, the benefits and disadvantages of both Freight forwarding and courier services also counts in to differ these two services from one another.

Looking at the benefits that  Freight forwarders provide - Freight shipping can give you significant discounts once your shipment becomes large or heavy. It can also let you ship more at one time instead of breaking up your shipments into many different packages.  Also it's easier to get a volume discount if you plan on making more than one shipment. In contrary to Freight forwarding, courier services makes you pay very high prices once your package becomes too large or heavy. Then at a certain point, a courier will refuse to ship your item.


Despite this, Courier shipping gives you fast and reliable delivery times. This is in thanks to the extensive network that shippers have developed over time.Your package can literally go from one front door to another front door in just days. Your package will be safe during transits during courier shipping. 

Kantipur is one such logistics company that gives you the best of both worlds.They provide both courier services as well as freight forwarding solutions. So if you are a big, small, or a multinational company, get the best possible logistics solution from Kantipur Logistics Pvt. Ltd.