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Freight Forwarding process plays a crucial role in trading on an international level.

Simply, freight forwarding is the process of flow between shipment and goods from two destinations executed by freight forwarders.

Kantipur Logistics is your freight forwarders.

We are responsible for the facilitation of your shipping.

We help you expand your customer base exponentially by shipping your items around the world.

Learning how to navigate the information and regulations involved in international shipping is important.

And this blog will keep explaining what's our freight forwarding process like.

The freight forward process consists of several processes which require meticulous documentation and logistics planning;

Freight Forwarding Process

Receiving New Order:

Our clients can place orders through traditional mediums like phone calls and emails.

 Or they can just visit our Jwagal based office. Simply us modern mediums such as our online portal and our newly launched app.

Contact Supplier:

When a new order is placed by the client, our team contacts the client’s supplier and initiates the documentation of the Packing List, Commercial Invoice and all necessary details.

Receive Goods From Supplier:

After completing the documentation, the goods are moved to our warehouse from the supplier's factory or warehouse. This is how we receive clients orders from supplier

Goods in Warehouse:

When all the international customs process is complete the goods are then transferred to the customs warehouse.

Booking Confirmed:

Then depending on the mode of international transportation, either an airline space or a shipping container is booked. The goods are then transferred to the sea or air-port.

Receive at Indian Sea Port:

If the goods are transported via sea, they are received at either the Kolkata or Vizag port.

Receive at Nepal Port:

The good received at Kolkata or Vizag are then transported by land to any of Nepal’s customs transit point.

Receive at Airport:

Cargo traveling via air will arrive at Nepal's airport.

Delivery to the client:

Whichever land or air-port we receive the goods, we then move the goods to our client’s warehouse, hence completing the process.


This way, even though we are a landlocked country in South Asia, we can receive goods from all over the world through any transport mediums.

 Place your orders without any worries. Team of Kantipur Logistics will help you ship it.